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 Everyone on the planet can help in the development of our life with you. Everyone wants something new to be created, new technologies to be developed that simplify and improve our life at home and at work. According to statistics, every second project dies due to lack of funding. And some of them are very good ideas that need to be created! And we really appreciate your help to other people and projects, we are glad to see how people donate part of their money to make the world a better place!

   Isn’t that wonderful? We think this is great! And we are ready to encourage and reward people who are engaged in charity and help projects to pave the way for technology and projects in life.

To do this, we create an absolutely exclusive new cryptocurrency token, which we will distribute to all those who participate in the development of our world and want to make it better!

HELGRO is a modern token – first and only in the world token presented in two platforms simultaneously TRON and WAVES blockchains. HELGRO is rewarding token for people donations in any projects in the world. HELGRO supports by team of - #1 in crypto world crowdfunding and listing platform.

By receiving tokens for your donations and accumulating enough of them, you can spend them on the TRON network for various content and entertainment. Did you know that many online games, casinos, gambling houses accept TRON as payment? There are a lot of them and they are constantly expanding. Also you can get HELGRO from WAVES network. It calls HGRW.

You can exchange tokens for TRX coins and continue your investment projects. As soon as we appear on cryptocurrency exchanges, you will be the first to know about it! This is a great way to get additional benefits by trading tokens or changing them to other currencies.

And one moment. Have you noticed how great an idea is at the heart of our project? We think everyone will be happy! And this token has the right to life and further development. So the price for it will grow steadily, if you buy tokens now, you can profitably exchange them in the future;)

 HELGRO is a modern cryptocurrency token created on the basis of the TRON  blockchain. TRON is a platform for creating decentralized online services based on blockchain (decentralized applications), working on the basis of smart contracts. Implemented as a single decentralized virtual machine.

   We have developed a smart contract TRC20 in the programming language Solidity of the version 0.5.8. The source code of the contract is completely transparent and available on the contract page on and will be available on GitHub in the near future.

   It was based on the official recommended ERC20 contract from OpenZepellin. During the development, we took into account possible security problems and included a system of safe mathematical calculations, protection against “zero” wallets and a double transfer control system between wallets.


Second part of HELGRO token project is WAVES platform token. Created withour smart-contract, it published directly to WAVES.EXCHANGE. You can convert your tokens free from TRON to WAVES network and back using our special online service.

The transfer of tokens to users will be carried out using an automated application / script that, based on the data sent by users, will distribute the mass payment at the rate of 1 donated dollar = 1 HELGRO token.

The application and scripts developed on Python and JavaScript.

1. In order to receive tokens, a user needs to register, provide his e-mail and wallet address for receiving tokens.

2. The user must prove that he participated in the projects and donated money – these can be screenshots from your personal account, bank statement, checks about payment and transfer. Every evidence will be verifiable.

3. If the first two conditions are not met, tokens will not be transfered in order to exclude fraud.

Hold $HGRO in your wallet and get 5% reward in HELPI tokens every week to your wallet.