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HELPI - Staking system

What is the stacking system?

We present to your attention a new feature for Helgro token holders - HELPI. At the beginning of September, we are launching reward systems for people who store HELGRO tokens in their wallets.

What is HELPI?

HELPI is a cryptocurrency asset created according to the TRC-10 standard based on the TRON blockchain. TRC-10 standard that we chosen provides the cheapest transaction fees.

The total number of issued tokens is 500,000,000,000. The token is not re-issued. The token release date is August 25, 2020.

HELPI page and explorer on TRONSCAN.ORG - here.

How reward will be paid?

Every week (once a week) you will receive a reward in HELPI tokens in the amount of 5% of the HELGRO amount in your wallets. Example: you have 2500 HELGRO tokens in your wallet, at the time of the snapshot you have 2700 tokens in your wallet - you will receive 5% of 2700 = 135 HELPI tokens.

All this will happen automatically. You do not need to do anything, the system developed by us will itself collect information about the presence of the HELGRO token in wallets and will automatically pay a reward.

Hold $HGRO in your wallet and get 5% reward in HELPI tokens every week to your wallet.