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How to create TRON wallet

Step 1

Go to to create your free TRON wallet.

Step 2

Once you have arrived to the site, click on the Wallet” tab in the top. Select how you want to create your wallet.

We are using Tronlink. Click on Download button.

Step 3

You will be redirected to the Tronlink website. Click install Chrome browser extension.

Step 4

After you have clicked on on installed extension in top right corner, it will prompt you to enter in a password. A strong password is required to proceed, and for security purposes — the stronger the password the better. Be sure not to lose the password. Store it somewhere that is safe in case you forget.

Step 5

Select Create Wallet.

Step 6

You will be shown a secret phrase, save it in a safe place and in the next step confirm that you saved it. Enter the words from the phrase in the desired order.

Step 7

Ok, your waller ready. On your account page, you will be able to see and manage your TRX account. On this page, you will have access to your public key (address) along with your TRX Balance, Tron Power and Bandwidth. You also have the ability to freeze your TRX (to give you Tron Power) so that you can vote for Super Representatives in the SR Election.

Please Note: When you freeze your TRX for Tron Power, it will lock your tokens for 3 days. During this period your frozen TRX cannot be traded. After this 3 day time period, you will have full access to trade your TRX coins.

Hold $HGRO in your wallet and get 5% reward in HELPI tokens every week to your wallet.