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The world's leading Decentralized Exchange, which is developed and operated by Newdex Inc., upholding the characteristics of safe, fast, and transparent and the mission of free flow of user’s asset, keeping to offer efficient matching technology for all major blockchains, as well as friendly trading experience, and devoted to creating a new-generation trading platform for digital assets, opening a new era of decentralized trading. Founded on August 8, 2018, Newdex was launched in EOS blockchain firstly and has supported EOS side chains such as BOS, TELOS, FIBOS, MEETONE, and ENU. Newdex has become the largest EOS based Decentralized Exchange. In August 2019, in addition to running on EOS blockchain, Newdex also began to support TRON blockchain. Since then, Newdex will deploy decentralized trading platforms “multi-chain, cross-chain” actively.

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